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One topic that we get asked more about from clients and family alike is Group Health Insurance and how the current health reforms are affecting it.  Kyle Kollmorgen in the office spends more time analyzing and researching health insurance than anything else.  The reason is to give you the most up to date and accurate information available.

Regardless of the plan and the changes, there are numerous advantages to offering Group Health Insurance to your employees:

  • Discounted rates for all when a group of people purchases health insurance.
  • Quicker recovery time and less downtime when an employee gets sick.
  • Peace of mind for the employee knowing that their family is taken care if something happens.
  • Its become a benefit a lot of employees expect to be covered.

We can help guide you through what plan fits your needs the best.  Every company is different and so are their employees.  Let us place together a customized quote for your company today so you know how to move forward tomorrow.