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What is one of the biggest questions we get?  What is going on with health insurance and how that affects me.  We spend hours per week keeping up on the latest in healthcare reform so you don’t have to.  We understand how it affects individuals, couples, kids and everyone in between.  We also have the dedication to continue to learn so we know how it will affect you in years to come.

We understand that health insurance is becoming one of the largest monthly budget items for people.  Because of that, our objective at Kollmorgen & Associates is to work hand in hand with you to creatively design plans that offer the best benefits for the available premium dollar. Detailed below are some areas that we can explore with you.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

The greatest advantage with regards to an HSA is that it is not subject to tax deductions, like federal tax, when a deposit is made.  The deposits or contributions made to a Health Saving Account accumulate if it is not being spent.  So the amount keeps getting higher until it is needed.  It can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses, office visits, and prescription drugs among other things.

Traditional Plan

This type of program can be customized and offers benefits ranging from hospital visits to dental care to chiropractic treatments.  This helps you with your needs while controlling the expenses that might be incurred with such necessities. There are different levels when it comes to a traditional plan and we can help you plan the most bang for your buck.

Temporary Coverage

Temp Coverage can also part of an Individual Health Insurance plan.  It provides short-term assistance during times when your traditional or regular insurance coverage is not available to do so.  This is most helpful during a change of job or other lifestyle change.

In every case, we strive through education on legislation, taxes and your personal needs to provide you with creative solutions. We’ll help you get the right type of Individual Health Insurance so your future is well taken care of.