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Karl Kollmorgen discusses his passions in life and in business and how it helps his clients.



Karl Kollmorgen talks about what makes Kollmorgen & Associates unique employee benefits advisors in the Lincoln Nebraska marketplace.

Kollmorgen & Associates Advantage


Karl Kollmorgen talks about how he was able to achieve a clients goals through dedicated research and working directly with the client’s law team.

Case Study


Karl Kollmorgen talks about the significance of long term planning and how his firm works with both individuals and businesses alike to meet their financial needs.

Long Term Planning


Karl Kollmorgen talks about succession planning and how they help businesses in Lincoln Nebraska through that planning process.

Succession Planning


Karl Kollmorgen talks about Debbie Hayes and the wonderful assets that she brings to the Kollmorgen team.

Debbie Hayes


Karl Kollmorgen discusses how he worked with a small business owner and helped them meet their long term care plans.

Long Term Care